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Morse Corsage

Morse Corsage Componets

Morse Corsage is an interactive installation that transmits and decodes Morse code. It consists of a wearable device, the corsage, which is made of a crocheted flower and custom electronics, and a processing program that listens and decodes Morse code messages sent from the corsage. Morse code is transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth. The corsage is worn on the wearer’s wrist and he/she can send Morse code by pressing the push-button sewed on the corsage.

I coupled the processing code with Apple script that talks to Skype to make Morse Corsage make phone calls and send text messages, tho I consider this is an art piece more than a communication device.

I will post the instructions soon. Here is the source code:

Arduino source code:

int morsePin = 7;
int groundPin = 11;
int dotLEDPin = 12;
int dashLEDPin = 13;
unsigned long highTime = 0;
void setup()
 pinMode(morsePin, INPUT);
 pinMode(groundPin, OUTPUT);
 pinMode(dotLEDPin, OUTPUT);
 pinMode(dashLEDPin, OUTPUT);
void loop()
 int val = digitalRead(morsePin);
 if (val==HIGH) {
  if (highTime==0) highTime = millis();
 else {
  if (highTime!=0) {
   if ((millis()-highTime)>500) {
   else {
  highTime = 0;

Processing source code: download


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One Response

  1. Cecil says:

    Wow!…it is so impressive. The coupling of engineering and artistic approaches will open up a new window which definitely leads the next generation of artistic ideas! I am looking forward to your next post!

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